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Chicago, Ken Bone is coming to our comedy show this Saturday—are you?

Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Hey, remember Ken Bone? That undecided voter who enjoyed a brief moment of internet stardom before Ken Bone-ing it all up by admitting to felony insurance fraud and a love of pregnancy porn on Reddit? Well, it turns out that he lives in downstate Belleville, Illinois, just a few hours’ drive from Chicago. He’s also quite responsive to emails from random comedians, and thus will be appearing at Bell Hop at the Virgin Hotel Chicago this coming Saturday, sponsored by The A.V. Club.

Aside from the surreal sight of watching Ken Bone try out stand-up material, the show will, as always, be hosted by Ian Abramson, and feature stand-up comedy from Rebecca O’Neal, Sammy Arechar (a.k.a. DJ Yung Zucchini), Sarah Sherman, The Great Ghouldini, Deanna Ortiz, Toler Oswald Wolfe, and Bobby Budds, all of whom are great weirdos and good friends.


The show starts at 9 p.m. this Saturday night, January 28, at Virgin Hotels Chicago (203 N. Wabash Avenue). The show is free, but it’s also in a small room on the 25th floor of the hotel; we expect this show to be even more crowded than usual, so make sure you get there early-ish and tell the person at the door you want to go to the Bone Zone. When they look at you funny, clarify you mean the comedy show on the 25th floor. That should work.


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