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Chicago, join The A.V. Club and Jen Kirkman to celebrate her new book, I Can Barely Take Care Of Myself

Comedian Jen Kirkman has no interest in having a child, to the tune writing an entire book about her lack of desire to procreate. I Can Barely Take Care Of Myself: Tales From A Happy Life Without Kids isn’t simply 224 pages of the phrase “Nope, not interested” repeated over and over, though, because Kirkman also writes about her childhood, failed marriage, and career, but brings it all around to her personal decision not to have kids, and how it’s proven to be strangely controversial.

I Can Barely Take Care Of Myself came out this week, and she’s heading out on the road to support it. For people who live in our hometown of Chicago, The A.V. Club will be presenting Kirkman’s two shows at the Hideout—site of A.V. Fest and our awesome [REDACTED] comedy show last year—on May 4 (7 & 10 p.m.). She’ll be doing a hour of mostly new material, plus selling and signing books, of course.


Tickets are still available for purchase, but we’re giving away two pair for each show. To enter, email avcontests@theonion.com.

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