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This is a public service announcement. Do not follow the demented clown with spittle all over its mouth into an abandoned house—or down a sewer drain, or onto a riverbank, or anywhere else. The clown says it has tickets to see It: Chapter Two early and for free, but the clown is lying. It just wants to bite down on your head with its freaky teeth and suck the Stephen King-loving soul out of your body. We repeat: The clown does not actually have It: Chapter Two tickets.

The A.V. Club does, however. And you can enter to win your pair by following this link and entering some basic information. The screening will take place on Tuesday, September 3 at the AMC Navy Pier IMAX at 7:00pm, and all we ask is that you get there early to ensure your seat, as we predict this one’s going to be packed. There are also a lot of balloons floating around on Navy Pier, so just ... be careful, okay?


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