Having spent nearly an entire TV season filming in the Windy City, the producers of Chicago Fire have gotten a real feel for their adopted hometown. For instance, did you know that in addition to boasting a fire department tasked with extinguishing blazes and looking good in tank tops, Chicago also employs a sizable police force who represent the citizenry by investigating crimes? Investigations that are suited to being laid out in the hour-long procedural format that is the bread and DOINK DOINK-er of Law & Order creator and Chicago Fire executive producer Dick Wolf? According to Deadline, the Chicago Fire braintrust is aware of this, and it’s so excited by this knowledge that it might turn the show’s first-season finale into a backdoor pilot for a police-centric spin-off. It’s a sign of changing times for NBC—Chicago Fire is only a modest ratings success by most measures, certainly not the powerhouse that Law & Order was it got wet and start sprouting spin-offs out of its back—but exciting news for any viewers hoping the network would one day treat Chicago like a TV Sim City. If the spin-off goes to series, look forward to Chicago Transit, Chicago Unnecessary But Cool-Looking Stadium, and Chicago How The Hell Do I Connect This Industrial Zone To The Power Grid?, all of which will be wiped off the schedule in a crossover “disaster” event when NBC tires of playing city planner.