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Chicago, find out what the deal is with Once Upon A Deadpool early and for free

Screenshot: YouTube

To be completely honest, we’ve read up on it, and we’re still not entirely sure what the deal is with this Once Upon A Deadpool release. It’s a PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2, with a name that makes it sound like a new cut of the original Deadpool, and it’s a cancer charity benefit that’s playing in movie theaters that has something to do with Christmas, and also Fred Savage is there? Anyway, here’s the trailer:

And if you happen to be in Chicago and also happen to be free at 12:30 p.m. on a Tuesday, then great news! We’re giving away tickets to a screening that’s, like we said, at half past noon on Tuesday, December 11 at the AMC River East. So come on down, ye unemployed, and fill out your information at this link to claim your tickets. As usual, advance screenings are intentionally overbooked, although we’re slightly less concerned about that with this one.


Once Upon A Deadpool will vacuum up those sweet, sweet winter-holiday dollars—and give a dollar of every ticket sold to Fuck Cancer, temporarily renamed Fudge Cancer to protect innocent under-17 ears—from December 12 to December 25 in theaters nationwide.

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