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Image: Warner Bros.

Aquaman seems like a good start for the DC movies to get back on their super-feet, stripping away the gloom of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of The Justice and the forced fun of Justice League for a story about a guy who just has the best damn time being a superhero. It stars Jason Momoa and Amber Heard, and it even has a bunch of those big fish boys that the internet is constantly raving about. If you’re eager to see Aquaman grab his trident and wage war against his evil brother Patrick Wilson for control of the seven seas, you’re in luck: The A.V. Club happens to be giving away free passes to an early screening of Aquaman early next week.

The screening will be held at the AMC Navy Pier IMAX on Monday, December 17, and all you have to do to get tickets is call out to any sea creatures you may know and fill out your information at this link. Just remember that advance screenings like this are often intentionally overbooked, so be sure to arrive early to secure a seat. That seems like a good setup for a joke about how fishermen get up early to go fishing and Aquaman talks to fish, but we honestly can’t come up with anything. Go see the movie and then maybe you can come up with something!


If you’d rather let Black Manta and Ocean Master win, Aquaman will float up to regular theaters on December 21. You can see a splish-splashy poster for the film below.

Image: Warner Bros.

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