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Chicago Cubs release updated video for Eddie Vedder’s rally song, “All The Way”

Screenshot from video

It’s no secret that Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder is a massive fan of the Chicago Cubs. During the Cubs’ triumphant playoff run he’s been present at a bulk of the games, sung “Take Me Out To The Ball Game,” and celebrated with fellow Cubs superfan Bill Murray. But Vedder’s fandom goes back way farther than just this past week, as evinced by the song he wrote for the team, allegedly at the behest of “Mr. Cub” Ernie Banks, “All The Way.” Last week, the Cubs released a music video for the song, with footage that was filmed during the Cubs 2008 playoff run.

But as you may have heard, the Cubs won the World Series last night. And as touching as the video was, it was just slightly outdated. So the Cubs went ahead and updated it, using footage from last night’s game and the ensuing celebration in Wrigleyville. It’s a shorter version than the original, but it captures the electricity in Chicago last night, as people spilled into the streets to scream their joy with their fellow fans. Of course, the Cubs weren’t the only ones to enlist the help of some video editors willing to work through the night, as Budweiser released a video that gives late Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray a chance to call the final out.

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