One of the most common complaints we get about The A.V. Club is that it’s only a website, when it really should be both a website and a live stage show presented at one of Chicago’s leading comedy theaters. We’ll address that oversight by presenting the second edition of The A.V. Club Live at Second City’s UP Comedy Club. On Wednesday, June 25 at 8 p.m., the writers and editors of The A.V. Club will take the stage to argue the pop-culture debates of the moment, vote another iconic work into our Time Capsule Of Destiny (where it will join the audience-selected Groundhog Day), and put on a game show in which you could win fabulous prizes! (Prizes may not be fabulous.) Plus much more. There’s always more.

You should buy your tickets immediately. The A.V. Club Live debut in March was a blast. As a little taste, here’s the credit sequence that opened the show.