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Chicago, come celebrate the release of The Onion Book Of Known Knowledge

Over the course of The Onion’s history, it’s produced a few impressively dense, amazing books of original content: the incredible front-page collection Our Dumb Century, the enlightening atlas Our Dumb World, and coming Oct. 23,an encyclopedia called The Onion Book Of Known Knowledge.

Our pals over on the comedy side have been working on it for more than two years, and we can assure you that the book is incredible. We’re not just saying that because we share an office with them and occasionally appear in their photos. (Erik Adams was born to be Mr. Autumn Man, because he is Mr. Autumn Man.) It’s The Onion’s best work since Our Dumb Century, and it may even surpass that.


To celebrate the release of The Onion Book Of Known Knowledge, the comedy staff is doing a show at Lincoln Hall in Chicago on Monday, October 22. (It’s 21+, but youngsters can see Onion editor Will Tracy and head writer Seth Reiss at Chicago Ideas Week this weekend.) There will be a whole presentation about the book, a Q&A with the writers, and stand-up from Onion writers and contributors, including A.V. Club associate Dan Telfer. It’s going to be great, and it’ll only set you back $5.

Check out some entries from the book (“Antelope: another fucking type of deer”), buy your tickets, and we’ll see you at Lincoln Hall in a couple weeks.

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