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Chicago, check out the Nazi monster mayhem of Overlord early and for free

Photo: Paramount Pictures

It’s been a minute since Hollywood threw itself at a big, satisfying “Watch the good guys murder a bunch of Nazis and their super-science monsters” movie. Julius Avery’s upcoming Overlord hopes to correct that oversight, debuting early next month to give the last dredges of Spooky Season a little extra Hitler-bashing flair. Produced by J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot, the film appears to be leaning further into horror than straight action, as American soldiers trapped behind enemy lines face off against not just the German army, but the hideous remains of its experiments on human beings.

If that kind of gory fun is your speed, you don’t have to wait for November 9 to roll around to check it out (at least, not if you’re in or near Chicago). We’ve got free passes for an advance screening of Avery’s film, scheduled for 7 p.m. on Wednesday, November 7 at the AMC IMAX theater at Navy Pier. All you have to do to get your tickets is click over here and hit “Get My Passes.” Be sure to get there early, though; these advance screenings always overbook, and nobody wants to be the last one to the Nazi monster murder party.

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