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Chewbacca Mom gets her own giddy action figure from Hasbro

Candace Payne (Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

One month after making her ecstatic debut, Candace Payne, a.k.a Chewbacca Mom, is still giggling away. The ardent Star Wars fan and occasional Texas Kohl’s shopper gained internet fame in May when she shared a video of herself laughing uproariously after putting on a Chewbacca mask. It’s now Facebook Live’s most popular with over 150 million views, and the response to the video it has included college scholarships for Payne’s children, so it makes sense that Payne would still be feeling overjoyed. Now Hasbro, the company that makes the mask that thrilled her in the first place, has offered Payne a slightly more personal gift—a customized Chewbacca Mom action figure.


Payne was visiting Hasbro when she was presented with her very own action figure, which looks like Chewbacca from the neck down. The toy does have her head and spouts 13 of her catchphrases, including “I am such a happy Chewbacca” and her infectious laugh. It’s unclear whether the action figure will be for sale, but if it ever hits retail stores, we can probably expect an onslaught of videos of Chewbacca Mom’s followers throwing up with delight over opening the box with her doll.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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