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Chevy’s latest ad campaign relies on “real people, not actors” being absolutely flabbergasted at just how amazing the company’s cars are. So the folks at Zebra Corner decided to inject some actual reality into the campaign with a little help from no-nonsense Boston consumer “Mahk.” Unlike his fellow real people, who are blown away by every new reveal about Chevy, Mahk is skeptical about just why he’s supposed to be impressed by some giant doors and an award he’s never heard of.

While his fellow real people are delighted to hear Chevy has won the J.D. Power initial quality award for four years running, Mahk is quick to point out he has no idea what that organization is nor what “initial quality” even means. It’s the sort of joke plenty of people have made before, but Zebra Corner gets the execution just right. Mahk’s skepticism is perfectly underplayed, as is his nonsense approach to researching J.D. Power and being less than impressed by what he finds. This is just the latest video in Zebra Corner’s series of Chevy parodies, including one for Chevy’s emoji-centric Chevy Cruze commercial:

And one for its Chevy Malibu ad:

[via Laughing Squid]


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