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Chevy Chase said something he probably shouldn't have on the Community set... again

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Last Friday came and went without the promised return of Community (except within our hearts, or something), but that didn’t preclude the show from continuing to provide fans with the off-screen entertainment they’ve come to know and cherish, if by “entertainment” you mean “Chevy Chase saying something regrettable” and by “know and cherish” you mean “dread reading about again.” This time Chase had the headline-grabbing misfortune to drop a racial slur into the mix, reportedly halting filming as he struggled with Pierce’s apparently increasingly bigoted character to suggest in frustration that, “the way things with Pierce are going, he may next be asked to call Troy or Shirley the N-word.” (The one that isn't "nice.")

As many have already noted, this was obviously a rhetorical use of the epithet (see also: this), certainly not directed at either of his co-stars, and not characteristic of Chase personally. But it is characteristic of Chase’s general, vocal unhappiness with the show, which definitely doesn’t seem to have softened in the post-Dan Harmon era. This time, production was halted while Chase cooled down, he called everyone together to make a formal apology, and life on the show seems to have gone on—attended, of course, by the inevitable “Chevy Chase Has Racially Charged Tirade” stories that aren’t exactly helping his image problems.

Anyway, in the interest of promoting an image of camaraderie behind the scenes of Community, here’s this recently unearthed video (via UPROXX) of Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs dancing around in lingerie from their GQ shoot last year. Look at how they work together! That is the spirit of collaboration that Community is really all about.

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