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Chelsea Handler's sitcom loses three cast members

The pilot to the Chelsea Handler-inspired sitcom  Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea, based on Handler's bestselling bookgot ordered to series by NBC back in May, but now we may have a much better idea as to why it’s on the schedule for midseason. Zap2It is reporting that three of the six actors in the ensemble have been let go: Natalie Morales, once the star of The Middle Man then Snakehole Lounge bartender Lucy on Parks And RecreationER’s Angela Laketa Moore, and one of Handler’s friends and most frequent contributors to Chelsea Lately Jo Koy.

That 70s Show star Laura Prepon is still in as the surrogate lead Chelsea Hanson, and Handler herself remains as Sloane, Prepon’s born-again, pregnant sister. Remaining cast member Dot-Marie Jones, best known as Coach Bieste on Glee, still has some nice moments in the pilot preview, but with most of the ensemble getting recast, the whole show is probably being retooled, rendering the upfronts preview useless except to make some roundtable discussions on Chelsea Lately really awkward whenever Koy drops by.


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