Ever wondered how Chelsea Handler comes up with her hilarious jokes, besides having a full-time staff to translate that day’s TMZ reports into mostly pun-based gags that would be deemed “too obvious” for America’s Funniest Home Videos, then gilding those lilies with random, neo-Phyllis Diller references to Handler masturbating and drinking a lot of vodka? The magic will be revealed, sort of, with the new E! show After Lately, described as a half-hour comedy examining the backstage world of Chelsea Latelyin a vein similar to HBO’s The Larry Sanders Show.” If that sounds like an ambitious comparison, considering the source, Variety ups the ante by also bringing in Curb Your Enthusiasm as a point of reference for how After Lately will improvise from story outlines rather than completed scripts. Also, its central character is unlikable, but in Curb’s case that’s intentional.