Photo: Sad And Useless

Friends, it’s no question that it’s a dark week. It’s RNC week, after all, a time when a person can’t even listen to NPR while getting ready for work in the morning without getting pummeled by a Mike Pence sound bite.

In end-of-times days like these, it would take something pretty special to lift anyone’s spirits. Fortunately, the website Sad And Useless (subhead: “The most depressive humor site on the internet”) delivers. For your whiling-away-the-work-hours needs, the site features cheerful pictures of guns replaced by selfie sticks, zombie garden gnomes, and chickens wearing sweaters. But for immediate laugh relief, head straight to the page titled simply, “Animals Licking Windows.”


For some reason, all animals look hilarious licking windows. Tongue or no tongue, teeth or no teeth, crossed-eyed creatures like dogs, otters, and a somewhat confused-looking fox are all captured in unfailingly awkward, glass-licking positions. You’ll probably LOL just looking at these (may we suggest a random screen saver to lift faltering spirits), but there may be an underlying message here we can all agree with: Like us, these animals all seem to be saying, “Get us the hell out of here, already.” So thank you, Sad And Useless, for these all-too-brief moments of levity; we’ll probably visit you a lot before November.