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Cheer for this kid who conquered his diving board fears

Photo: miflippo (iStock)

Even if you’re a grown-ass adult, you likely remember the terror of the public pool diving board. Once your hand left the railing, you had reached the point of no return. You tip-toed hesitantly out to the edge, the lifeguards snarling at you to hurry up, fellow kids sniggering behind your back. God forbid you chickened out and crawled back to the sweet, sweet safety of the pool pavement; you might not hear the end of it for the rest of the summer.

So we can all relate to the plight of little RJ, so terrified a few years ago of jumping off the board, he made the whole thing vibrate, which likely just made matters worse. Despite his grandfather’s patient efforts to to encourage him, RJ just wasn’t having it.


Now two years later, RJ’s dad @Hampsworld proudly announces on Twitter that his son has faced his fear. This summer RJ marches down to the edge of the diving board like a boss, jumps off without a second thought, and swims effortlessly to the side.

Way to go, RJ! As we can all relate to diving board fears, many Twitter followers are finding this youngster’s bravery inspiring.


Have you hit the pool yet this summer? Maybe it’s finally time to give the high dive a try. RJ’s probably way ahead of you.


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