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Cheech & Chong are still smokin', old

Calling it "much more widespread and institutionalized" than ever (thanks, Judd Apatow!), Cheech Marin thinks it's time to return to the dope humor that first put him on the map, announcing plans to put aside his 25-year feud with former partner Tommy Chong and reunite for a stand-up comedy tour and possibly even a new film. Characterized by Marin as the "most fun and the least hassle" method of getting the Cheech & Chong machine running again, the tour, dubbed "Hey, What's That Smell?" (um…opportunity?), is due to kick off in September. Which is all well and good, but c'mon Cheech…when are you going to give the public the Nash Bridges reunion we've really been dying for?

P.S. Cheech and Chong are way funnier in German.

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