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Check out Tommy Wiseau's new (intentionally funny) The House That Drips Blood On Alex

The new, Atom-hosted short from The Room’s inept, Eastern European Orson Welles refers to Tommy Wiseau as the “master of cult comedy.” But like we’ve been wondering ever since this teaser showed up, is a Tommy Wiseau committed to the idea of “Tommy Wiseau” truly Tommy Wiseau—or rather, is there anything all that funny about intentionally bad filmmaking? Judge for yourself with The House That Drips Blood On Alex, which takes full advantage of Wiseau’s strange, Borat-under-novocaine enunciation, replicates the cheap staging of his accidental masterpiece, and features non-sequitur would-be quotables such as, “I love ketchup,” “Check it out, I brought a pizza party,” and “There is no such thing as a shit office!” Keep an eye out for Cheaters host Joey Greco in a rare dramatic role, and remember: It’s pronounced “blewed.”

The House That Drips Blood On Alex
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