Screenshot: Secret Of Mana (YouTube)

As video games get bigger, longer, and more lifelike, the nostalgia for the 16-bit games of yore grows larger and more pixelated. That’s evident not just in throwback games like Undertale and Off, but also in how the game soundtracks of our ancestors continue to surface in music and pop culture. For example, a few years ago we shared musician Will Patterson’s lovely interpretation of The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past’s score, which he reimagined with analog synths and drum machines. Now, his Switched On SNES project is back with a new album, this one a riff on the music of Secret Of Mana.

Secret Of Mana centers around three characters and their efforts to stop an ancient flying fortress from conquering the planet. As you traverse the game’s lush fantasy world, Hiroki Kikuta’s score serves as a soul-warming companion. Now, via Patterson, it’s taken on a new, blissed-out dimension via his rich, enveloping synths. Stream it below.


You can also purchase the album on vinyl and cassette, with royalties going to Kikuta and Square Enix. Place your orders here and, when you’re finished, be sure to check out what 2018 games we here at The A.V. Club think deserve your attention.