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Check out this big-ass treehouse

Reader, take a break from the shrieking hellscape of cruelty, humiliation, and misery that is our world and instead watch this video of a lax bro breaking into the world’s largest treehouse, a onetime tourist attraction that authorities ruled unsafe for public visitation because just fucking look at this thing. Look at it!

There’s a wonderfully vertiginous, post-apocalyptic feel to the whole thing, with patchworks of boards running up the outside and a terrifying steeple rising from the top that, yes, the videographer eventually makes his way up into. Balconies are layered on top of each other, and spiral staircases grow steeper the deeper into the labyrinth he goes. There’s what seems like a church midway up, as well as a bunch of decaying statues smiling grimly closer to the top. The whole thing resembles a home in the same way that Brundlefly resembles Jeff Goldblum at the end of The Fly. It’s speckled with graffiti from what have to be the luckiest teenage ne’er-do-wells in the world.


It’s sort of fun presented as mysteriously as it is in the above video—especially accompanied by dazed musings about, like, “the government”but there’s a bunch of info out there about it. The 10,000-square foot house was apparently built by a man named Horace Burgess, who says “the spirit of God” told him to do it, because that’s how shit like this goes. Apparently the sanctuary doubles as a basketball court, so the guy definitely has his priorities straight.

Despite the fact that it is terrifying and clearly unsafe, that big-ass treehouse seems like a cool place to hang out. Let’s all go there!

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