Adventure Time is a show fully-versed in pop culture rhythms and references. Even when it’s not invoking something specific, the show glees in the tropes of adventure stories, film noir, horror movies, hostage dramas, action flicks, and whatever else Pendelton Ward and company want to run Finn and Jake through that episode. It’s unsurprising, then, that the show’s massive fan base has responded in kind, creating loads of fan art of the Adventure Time characters placed in other fictional contexts.

Dorkly has put together a gallery of some of the best of these, and it’s amazing to see the depth of talent on display. Some artists eschew the show’s art style in favor of something closer to the source material, as with this merging by uke-n-melon of the show’s post-apocalyptic heart-breaking episode “Simon And Marcy” with post-apocalyptic heart-breaking video game The Last Of Us, or sin-nombre’s Katamari Damacy-take on the Land of Ooo.

Others hew more closely to the show’s particular style. Honestly, we could be here all day, ranting about the fans’ version of Adventure Time as The Legend Of Zelda, The Avengers, Attack On Titan, and dozens more, but instead we’ll just leave you with this picture featuring Lumpy Space Princess as a Sailor Scout from Sailor Moon, by dettsu, and tell you to go check out the gallery over at Dorkly.