In the world of The Simpsons, few people have the seniority of David Silverman, who’s been with the show since The Simpsons were goofy interstitial cartoons on The Tracy Ullman Show. He directed the very first Simpsons special, The Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire, along with mention numerous “Treehouse Of Horror” episodes, The Simpsons Movie, and has had a hand in just about everything the show has done. In short, he is the guy when it comes to drawing The Simpsons.

A few days ago he started tweeting Simpsons sketches, like the original model for Miss Krabappel (RIP) and a bunch of sketches from the Poe segment of the very first “Treehouse Of Horror.” Best of all were a couple of “Land of Chocolate” sketches from the classic episode “Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk.” A couple of them are below; check out Silverman’s Twitter feed for more. [via Buzzfeed]