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Check out the preview video for George Lucas' revamped version of Star Tours

When Disney announced that it was revamping its Star Wars-based theme park attraction Star Tours, fans of janky flight simulators and Paul Reubens-voiced robots were probably saddened at the prospect of losing yet another classic (albeit tangential) piece of Star Wars arcana to George Lucas’ insatiable thirst for updating. This preview video for the newly reconfigured, 3D-based Star Tours: The Adventures Continue—which will presumably play in an interminable loop while you’re waiting in line once the ride opens in 2011—probably won’t alleviate those feelings, given that it once again scrubs the familiar sights of the original and adds in those CGI landscapes of Coruscant and Bespin seen in the “special edition” of Return Of The Jedi. That’s because this new ride “takes place between the two sets of trilogies,” in the prequel universe that now dominates all things Star Wars, so you’d better get used to it. But hey, at least you’ll probably get a chuckle out of hearing that Alderaan was “recently voted safest planet in the galaxy,” wink wink. [Disney World via ONTD]


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