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Check out the insane piece of Shellac memorabilia just sold on eBay

A Shellac fan is getting rid of one big, old piece of awesome memorabilia.  Back in 1994, when the band put out Shellac At Action Park, 10 of the records contained “Shellac Dollars.” The bearer would be entitled to some sort of special prize. This eBay seller got dollar six, and this ‘50s era belt massager is what showed up at his (or her, but given that it’s Shellac, probably his) door about a year later. The Signature brand machine is branded with Shellac’s logo and is in full working order, vari-speed control and all. It’s heavy, and shipping will be a total bear, but it’s a must-have piece for any Shellac obsessive looking to work off a few pounds the old fashioned way.

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