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Check out some new tunes that might be in Showtime’s Twin Peaks

(Screenshot: YouTube)

Everyone remembers the iconic musical moments from the original run of Twin Peaks, like the overlong theme song and Leland Palmer singing “Mairzy Doats,” but thanks to Chromatics frontman Johnny Jewel, we may now have a preview of some of the music from Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival. As reported by Consequence Of Sound, Echo Park Records’ Alexis Rivera tweeted out a clip from a new Johnny Jewel track called “Television Snow” and tagged the official Twin Peaks Twitter page, implying that the song and show are connected. Assuming that’s the case, “Television Snow” definitely sounds like something that would be right at home on David Lynch’s spooky series:

Yesterday, Jewel released another video that also features a similarly Twin Peaks-y song, and if you haven’t bought into this Twin Peaks theory yet, this one happens to focus on a woman underneath a plastic sheet—you know, like the one Laura Palmer was wrapped in when she was killed:

The ending also displays the quote “last night I had the strangest dream,” which might sound familiar to anyone who clicked that “Mairzy Doats” link up above.


Twin Peaks premieres on Showtime on May 21.

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