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Check out Kylo Ren's squad and Darth Vader's mask in these Star Wars: The Rise Skywalker TV spots

Ever since they were referenced in a throwaway line in The Force Awakens, Star Wars fans have been eager to hear more about “the Knights Of Ren,” some sort of group that Kylo Ren is… affiliated with in some way. Now, finally, with The Rise Of Skywalker set to wrap up Disney’s sequel trilogy next month, a new TV spot for the movie actually shows the Knights Of Ren in action—though, this is Star Wars we’re talking about, so it seems extremely likely that they’ll show up, do something cool, and then immediately all die. The short clip also features those new red Stormtroopers, a bunch of Star Destroyers, some new lines from C-3PO and Palpatine, and a ridiculous Stormtrooper motorcycle thing with a catapult on the back for tossing dudes into the air. Apparently the First Order is getting some design ideas from the G.I. Joe people now.

Disney has also released another teaser, and while it has fewer new things than the more recent clip, it does have Rey jumping to the Falcon through space, a good shot of Kylo Ren’s patched-up helmet, and the charred remains of Vader’s mask—another callback to The Force Awakens. Still no Porgs in either one, but they’re probably saving those for the full movie… or maybe they’re being sidelined for Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian? Either way, we’ll know on December 20 when this movie comes out.

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