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Check out John Waters' favorite films of 2012

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John Waters hasn’t made a movie since 2004’s largely beloved A Dirty Shame. Following the massive success of the Broadway and film versions of the Hairspray musical, he probably never has to again. These days, Waters’ job is essentially being John Waters—and business is booming. He’s a personality, a raconteur, a delight, and a national treasure. He’s also an author (he has a book coming out about his hitchhiking adventures), a popular public speaker, an actor, and a consummate cinephile who shares his list of favorites yearly with the good folks over at Artforum. As usual, this year it's an intriguing and eclectic list that combines highbrow arthouse fodder with deliciously lurid, agreeably deranged melodramas like Killer Joe and Compliance and the stranger-than-fiction documentaries The Imposter and Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present. Check it out.


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