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Check out Extremely Good Shit, an online magazine about extremely good shit

Screenshot: Extremely Good Shit

The folks at Super Deluxe have been quietly producing an online magazine called Extremely Good Shit that explores culture, the internet, and the strange ways those two intersect. It does so by pairing a featured collaborator with a designer; the duo then makes a series of recommendations presented in a clean, thought-provoking context. The recommendations might be videos, Tweets, simple goofs, or full articles—the point is to stop and see them with fresh eyes in a new context.

For the first issue, Brandon Wardell—comedian and progenitor of the “Dicks Out For Harambe” meme—pulled together online ephemera to get animated treatments by Daniel Zender, resulting in this illustrated @dril tweet.


Issue 2 featured a “working” Macintosh designed by @Seinfeld2000, full of Bee Movie references, misspellings, and some truly killer “jokes in progress,” such as “What’s the deal with my dick?”


The third issue is a striking string of text from Fader editor-in-chief Naomi Zeichner, including musings on floating deep-space megastructures and some extremely provocative takes about Migos and Destiny’s Child. Each issue is quick and thought-provoking, and significantly less eye-strain-inducing than The Outline. You can see all the issues and sign up for details about new ones here.

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