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Check out Crazy Rich Asians, pointy things, and Nic Cage with a gun in today's Trailer Happy Hour

Screenshot: Crazy Rich Asians (YouTube)

Welcome to Trailer Happy Hour, the semi-regular feature where we grab some of the hot trailers and promos from the day, toss ‘em into a blender with some other stuff we found in the fridge, and then dare our friends to drink whatever comes out. Today, we’ve got another look at Constance Wu’s Crazy Rich Asians, Nicolas Cage as a cranky cop in 211, an unsettling teaser for HBO’s Sharp Objects, and a brain-hacking look at Netflix’s Anon.

We’ve featured a teaser for Crazy Rich Asians in Trailer Happy Hour before, but this new one gives us a bigger and better look at the super-flashy life of the eponymous “crazy rich” family. The fun-looking rom-com is based on the hit book of the same name, and it’ll be in theaters on August 17.


In 211, Nicolas Cage plays a cop who seems simultaneously pissed and pleased with the fact that he’s being pushed out of the police force just as the public’s frustrating demand for accountability is making the job less fun. Luckily, there’s some kind of huge heist, a missing kid on a ride-along, and some other cops slacking off, so Cage can still have plenty of fun blowing people away with assault rifles and other stuff that movie cops do. It’ll be available on-demand on June 8.

It’s hard to say what’s going on in this teaser for Sharp Objects, HBO’s upcoming limited series from the director of Big Little Lies and based on the book by Gone Girl’s Gillian Flynn, but it’s all very grim and spooky. The YouTube description mentions a “grisly murder,” but it seems like that’ll be the least of everyone’s problems when this premieres in July.


Finally, we cap off this happy hour with Anon, a sci-fi Netflix movie starring Clive Owen as a near-future cop whose high-tech eyes keep getting hacked to make him think he’s seeing things that aren’t there (like a room full of rats or a subway car). It’s like a Ghost In The Shell plot without all of the, you know, style. Whether or not you can trust your eyes, it’ll be on Netflix on May 4.


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