Everyone’s favorite punk band named after a Charles Bukowski novel called it quits in the mid-’00s after a decade as one of the heroes of the genre, but it didn’t take long for old urges to return: In late 2007, rumors of a reunion circulated, which the band fulfilled with a few shows in early 2008.

Two of the biggest were at the Metro in Chicago, a sort of home away from home for Hot Water Music. (The band returns there Jan. 31.) This week, No Idea Records released a double-disc and DVD combo called Live In Chicago, which captures those shows. The release features 30 songs over a 90-minute set (and an 80-minute DVD with some songs not included on the CDs), which No Idea describes as “raw” and “unpolished”—perhaps code for “rusty from not playing for two years.”


Among the songs is the fan-favorite “Trusty Chords”—from 2002’s awesome Caution—and we have an exclusive stream of it from the DVD below. (Our favorite part is Chuck Ragan chuckling and shaking his head when he slightly screws up the beginning.)

No Idea has also hooked us up with copies of Live In Chicago, included a super-limited-edition version on three multicolored vinyl discs, which was previously only available at the Fest in 2011. We also a CD/DVD combo pack. For your chance to win, email avcontests@theonion.com.