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Check out a preview of this summer's Lost auction

The body of Lost isn’t even cold—or done providing answers even more frustrating than the questions, judging by the reaction to last night’s episode—but already the buzzards are circling, preparing to pick clean the bones of its production design via an upcoming props auction. You won’t be able to find yourself outbid on Mr. Eko’s Jesus stick by some ruthless Japanese investor with far more disposable income than you’ll ever scrape together in this economy until sometime later this summer, but in the meantime, Profiles In History has just posted a preview of 100 of the Lost auction items that will be put up for sale. It includes iconic stuff like Locke’s wheelchair, Hurley’s winning lotto ticket, Charlie’s Drive Shaft ring, Daniel Faraday’s journal, and that stupid toy airplane that wasted everyone’s time in the show’s historic "first crappy Kate episode," as well as smaller but still cool things like Desmond’s failsafe key, Ben’s “Henry Gale” ID, and various sundries from the Dharma kitchen. Hey, anybody want to pool their money and bid on those 30 Dharma fish biscuits for a future Taste Test?


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