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Illustration for article titled Check out a new video from Coke Weed, a Maine band with an emAlternative Nation/em sound

Coke Weed’s third LP, Back To Soft, came out earlier this year, but vintage Alt Nation fans are still discovering the band’s ‘90s flair. The A.V. Club has the premiere of the band’s new video for “Manchester” below, and the track is a great way to get a feel for Coke Weed’s whole aesthetic. It’s a little bit Mazzy Star, a little Liz Phair, and a lot pretty.


Coke Weed is on tour this fall. The band’s full list of forthcoming dates is below.

Coke Weed tour 2013
Oct. 11—Coco 66—Brooklyn, New York
Oct. 12—O+ Festival—Kingston, New York
Oct. 14—The Saint—Asbury Park, New Jersey
Oct. 16—Cake Shop—New York, New York
Oct. 17—Union Pool—Brooklyn, New York
Oct. 18—Silent Barn—Brooklyn, New York
Oct. 23—Lompoc Café—Bar Harbor, Maine
Oct. 24—Monkey House—Burlington, Vermont
Oct. 27—Garden Bowl—Detroit, Michigan
Oct. 28—Empty Bottle—Chicago, Illinois
Oct. 30—Double Happiness—Columbus, Ohio
Nov. 1—The Cave—Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Nov. 2—Tea Bazaar—Charlottesville, Virginia
Nov. 3—Golden West—Baltimore, Maryland
Nov. 4—Boot & Saddle—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nov. 5—Glasslands—Brooklyn, New York
Nov. 6—O’Brien’s—Boston, Massachusetts
Nov. 7—Buoy Gallery—Kittery, Maine
Nov. 23—Harlow’s Pub—Peterborough, New Hampshire


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