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Chat with The A.V. Club’s editor-in-chief right here, right now (UPDATE: It’s over, it was fun)

Happy Friday afternoon, everyone, and welcome to our first “Ask The Editor-In-Chief” Q&A session. As promised, I’ll be down in the comment threads for the next hour to answer questions, field your thoughts and concerns about the site, and make stupid jokes. I’m excited! A few notes before we get started:

  • I’ll try to respond to as many questions/comments as I can. If I don’t get to your comment, it’s probably because I either ran out of time or just didn’t have a good answer for it. I still love you.
  • If you have a question that might be better answered by another editor, I might grab them to come into the threads and respond. A couple of the staffers are out of the office, today, though. We’ll play it by ear.
  • Please feel free to talk to me about stuff that bothers you on the site, just be polite. We’re all friends here, and if you’re mean, I might cry.

Okay, let’s have fun!

Update: I had no idea this chat would get this kind of response. I’ll stick around until 3:30, I’m trying to answer as many as I can!

Update 2: Okay, I’m late for a meeting, and I need to run. This was a blast, even beyond my expectations. Thank you for your comments, and I’m sorry I couldn’t answer more of them. I am truly moved by your investment in the site. We will DEFINITELY do this again.

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