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Deadline reports that actress, musician, and mononym Charo will be in charge of her family’s days and nights in a new reality series for Televisa USA. The former Hollywood Squares mainstay and The Love Boat stowaway will produce Charo In Charge, which will follow her home life in Beverly Hills with her manager-husband and their son, Shel. Her sister Carmen acts as Charo’s live-in costumer and housekeeper, while Shel, an up-and-coming actor, woos beautiful women with his cousin Marco.

But while this setup will undoubtedly be depicted in a humorous and charming way for viewers, it’s kind of pissing off her neighbors. As Charo put it:

“All we’re doing is cooking paella in the backyard on an open fire, with my son and his girlfriend and my nephew and his heavy metal friends, my randy dancers in the pool with my gay friends and me and my sister with my bull and my dogs. Why do they keep calling the police?”


We can’t imagine why anyone would complain about a bull in a swimming pool—maybe it’s because they don’t know what “cuchi-cuchi” means either? But for now, there’s no word on when the show will premiere or even which stateside network, if any, will air Charo In Charge.