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Charlize Theron to bring the world of the #Girlboss to Netflix

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Back in December, we reported that Charlize Theron and David Fincher got the green-light from Netflix for their adaptation of John Douglas and Mark Olshaker’s book about FBI profilers and the serial killers they (mind)hunt. Now comes word that Theron is set to produce a series about another statistical aberration—women executives, or, as they’re known in certain circles, “girl bosses.” Variety reports that Netflix has just picked up an adaptation of Sophia Amoruso’s autobiographical work, #Girlboss, which Theron will executive produce with Pitch Perfect franchise scribe Kay Cannon, who will also write the pilot.

The series will reportedly follow Amoruso’s rise from dumpster-diving and hawking her finds on eBay to heading up a multi-million dollar fashion business, Nasty Gal. The author shares some of her youthful indiscretions, but #Girlboss is mostly filled with career advice for young women, although some of the recommendations are just common sense dressed up with colloquialisms (of course you should treat your LinkedIn profile as an online resume). But the book is just the tip of the counseling iceberg for Amoruso, who continues to share her insights and those of other successful women, including Theron, on her #Girlboss Radio podcast. If #Girlboss is ordered to series, we’ll see if Cannon finds a way to work the unfortunate layoffs at Nasty Gal into an episode that teaches viewers how to deal with strategic restructuring.


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