What’s good enough for Immortan Joe is good enough for Dominic Toretto as Variety brings what one can only assume will be the biggest piece of Fast 8 casting news today (sorry, Tormund Giantsbane). Namely, that Charlize Theron, having proven her ability to drive real good in Mad Max: Fury Road, has officially joined the cast of Fast 8. Rumors of Theron’s involvement with the franchise have been swirling around since at least February, meaning Theron has been neither fast—nor, hopefully, furious, if she held out this long—to sign. (Sorry.)

It’s not yet clear what role Theron will play in the new movie, although Variety speculates that she’ll be playing a villain. She was also apparently waiting to read a finished script before signing on the proverbial dotted line, meaning her part is probably awesome. And, because this is a Fast & Furious movie, that part hopefully involves her kicking some guy in the face wearing a satin ball gown as the two of them dangle out of the driver’s side of a vintage Mustang atop the Empire State Building while Kurt Russell cooly watches from the observation deck.


If not, The A.V. Club is available for script punch-up should director F. Gary Gray wish to contact us before Fast 8 begins production this summer.