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Charlize Theron is making a new comedy with the team from Young Adult

Young Adult

Back before she spent all her time Fast & Furiosa-ing around (or Winter Warring with a bunch of men and their hunts), Charlize Theron pulled down strong reviews for her performance as a delusional would-be homewrecker in 2011’s Young Adult. And while the critical adulation Theron received for her role was probably just more-of-the-same for the often-celebrated star, it came as something of a recent highlight for the film’s writer and director, Juno’s Diablo Cody and Up In The Airs Jason Reitman, whose careers have been a bit less garlanded with laurels of late.

That might help explain why the trio is getting back together, having just pulled together financing for Tully, a new comedy (at least, in the “quiet despair with some jokes tossed in” sense of the word). The film will center on Theron’s character, a mother of three, who has the services of a night nanny gifted to her by her brother. From there, bonding will presumably ensue, along with a bunch of references to ’90s culture, and the ways the internet is destroying human society, one sad Adam Sandler performance at a time.


Tully is expected to start shooting this summer.

[via Variety]

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