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Charlie Sheen’s marriage to baseball is still in its heady, just-before-the-knife-threats honeymoon, and while he’s still feeling smitten, Sheen is seriously redoubling efforts to make another Major League, the film that started this whole love affair in the first place. Apparently this weekend’s all-star screening party was just a warm-up to a full-on press blitz for Sheen’s intention to make Major League 3—and although there already was technically a Major League 3 in 1998’s Back To The Minors, Sheen believes it doesn’t count, as he considers that film an “abortion.” (And if there’s one thing Charlie Sheen knows about it’s…underperforming sequels.)


Of course, we’ve heard rumors about another Major League for nearly a year, with screenwriter David S. Ward most recently talking in June about how the script would involve Sheen’s Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn emerging from retirement to feed mental chocolate milk to a new group of players who could then “carry the franchise on.” However, Ward’s plans at the time involved bringing back other key characters played by Tom Berenger, Wesley Snipes, and Corbin Bernsen—and although Snipes is no doubt practicing his trademark Willie Mays Hayes slide right now in the exercise yard, Bernsen has reportedly already been snubbed by producers at Morgan Creek who informed him that his character isn’t in the next installment. Sheen says he’s pissed about the exclusion, but he’s also got his own problems to worry about, seeing as Morgan Creek doesn’t “seem to think I’m as valuable as I do”—so he’s urging fans to attack their offices with “pitchforks, torches, and an angry mob” to demand that Sheen be paid an amount commensurate with his talents, we guess. So, get on that.

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