Concerned that his movie about a giant Mexican slicing people up while a leather-clad Sofia Vergara looks on may be too subtle in its ploys for attention, Robert Rodriguez has begun turning the Machete franchise into a veritable circus of the disgraced stars, with Charlie Sheen now tumbling out behind Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson from its overstuffed celebrity clown car. "I just cast Charlie Sheen as the President of the United States! Who better?" Rodriguez asked while tweeting the above photo—rhetorically, as there is, indeed, no one better to play Machete Kills' Commander in Chief than a guy who's famously unstable, because it makes everything he says and does innately funny, thereby saving lots of wasteful characterization time that could be better used on hacking things. Adding another layer of irony to the role, Charlie Sheen's grandson Martin Sheen played the President on The West Wing, so that is also funny.