Anger Management

Crackle has announced that it’s working on a new film for its library of digital exclusive movies, with Charlie Sheen set to star in Mad Families. The comedy—which sees the former Two And A Half Men and Anger Management star play to type as a “lovable man-child with a heart of gold”—centers on three families waging war over a coveted Fourth Of July camping spot.

Mad Families is being written by Fred Wolf and David Spade, whose Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser was Crackle’s first major success in the filmmaking field. (Or, at least, its first major success in getting people to tune in to a mulleted train wreck; either way, ratings were reportedly pretty good.) Wolf will also direct and produce the new film, and reportedly worked with Sheen to tailor the character to his strengths as a performer. (Which we’re just going to assume means “They changed the guy’s name to ‘Charlie.’”) Co-stars on the movie include Leah Remini and Finesse Mitchell.


Meanwhile, Crackle is continuing to expand its original offerings, in an ongoing effort to stand out in a crowd full of Hulus, Amazons, and Netflixi. Besides Joe Dirt 2 and Dead Rising: Watchtower—a spinoff of the popular zombie-smashing video game franchise—the provider recently released StartUp, starring Martin Freeman, and announced a TV version of Guy Ritchie’s Snatch.