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Charlie Sheen to make a “big announcement” on Today tomorrow

Anger Management

Variety reports that Charlie Sheen will appear on Tuesday morning’s Today show to make a “revealing personal announcement,” following a press release from NBC about an interview between Sheen and Today’s Matt Lauer. Rumors are circulating that it’s related to his health—specifically, that he’s HIV positive. Variety cites multiple outlets including TMZ and People magazine, the latter of which spoke with publicist and crisis manager Howard Bragman about Sheen’s purported news. Bragman told People he was contacted in part about the legal consequences that might stem from Sheen’s rumored HIV-positive status becoming known. He also said that Sheen has been dealing with the illness for a while, and is already undergoing treatment. The National Enquirer claims to have broken the story—which, if it’s true, is a sad turn of events for a man who usually makes the news for being hammered in a Taco Bell drive-thru—in a blind item from October that referenced Sheen’s health.

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