Living roman à clef Charlie Sheen has long carved out a successful niche by channeling his off-screen misadventures into barely fictionalized roles, and Variety reports the trend will continue on the big screen with A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charlie Swan III—a movie whose title promises, at long last, to let us know what Charlie Sheen is thinking. Or rather, one of Charlie Sheen’s many filmic alter egos, as the story concerns a successful graphic designer who loses all of his fame and money—which are the traditional spoils of graphic design—when his girlfriend leaves him, sending him into a downward spiral that makes it nigh-impossible for him to continue all the important graphic designing that the world has come to expect from him. Charlie Swan also marks a similar, though not as dubiously eyed comeback for director Roman Coppola, who hasn’t made a solo film since 2001’s CQ. And, as is the way of the Coppolas, it’s a family affair: Coppola’s cousin Jason Schwartzman will co-star with Sheen, and, of course, his father Francis directed Charlie Sheen in the version of Apocalypse Now that plays regularly in Sheen’s Freudian nightmares.