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Charlie Sheen may return for Major League 3

Among those left unsatisfied by 1998’s Major League: Back To The Minors and its whimpering denouement to the Major League saga: original writer-director David S. Ward, who plans to restore balance to the universe with a film that he sees as the right and true Major League 3—and he’s even enlisting Charlie Sheen to do it. In an exclusive interview with Moviehole, Ward confirmed rumors (first started by an atypically candid Bob Uecker) that he’s definitely working on another sequel to the 1989 hit with the original cast in mind, and that Sheen is “excited” to reprise his role as Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn, who comes out of retirement to mentor a new 19-year-old player.

Ward also hopes to recruit Tom Berenger, Corbin Bernsen, and even Wesley Snipes (who could definitely use the money) to return, presumably to similarly shepherd three new characters who, Ward says, “could carry the franchise on” if the film is a success. So far Ward has only talked to Sheen, who says he could potentially start shooting during next year’s hiatus from Two And A Half Men, when the only thing in Sheen’s day planner involves crashing his car while receiving fellatio from a hooker in a cheerleader’s uniform, that loveable scamp.


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