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Charlie Sheen had a Major League viewing party with baseball stars

Charlie Sheen’s forced downtime from Two And A Half Men continues to be the game of baseball’s gain: This weekend Sheen followed his recent “chocolate not crack” inspirational speech to the UCLA Bruins by flying out various baseball stars to watch Major League. Sheen reportedly invited Kenny Lofton, Brian “The Beard” Wilson, Todd Zeile, Eddie Murray, and fellow professional escort fan Lenny Dykstra to join him in his home theater (Pete Rose, sadly, “got stuck somewhere”), where they were treated to a rare, non-porn screening of the 1989 film with writer David S. Ward providing a pre-show introduction. In telling TMZ about the event, Sheen avowed, “I’m married to baseball.” Oh, baseball… Why do you always fall for the ones who hurt you?

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