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Charlie Hunnam replaces Benedict Cumberbatch in Lost City of Z

With Benedict Cumberbatch suddenly all tied up with Doctor Strange and all its Phase Three requirements beyond, he has no time now for the Lost City Of Z—a role that The Wrap reports has now gone to Charlie Hunnam. Based on David Grann’s nonfiction book The Lost City Of Z, the movie will tell the story of Colonel Percival Fawcet, the famed British explorer who was convinced that a mythical city was hidden deep in the jungles of Brazil. Having claimed to have found the city while stricken with malaria, Fawcett returned home a laughingstock. Seeking to restore his reputation, Fawcett was so confident that he could find Z a second time that he dragged his son along; they promptly disappeared and were never heard from again. Hunnam will join the production this summer, alongside Robert Pattinson and Sienna Miller.


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