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Charlie Hunnam, Léa Seydoux to star in love story from Equals director

(Photos: Steven Lawton/Getty Images; John Phillips/Getty Images)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, apices of human attractiveness Charlie Hunnam (Sons Of Anarchy) and Léa Seydoux (The Lobster) might finally mate in a new film by Equals director Drake Doremus. There are no details about the currently untitled project other than that it’s a “unique love story,” though presumably not so unique that you can’t expect hot people to fall in love and get it on.

Coming off Equals, a sci-fi love story about humans trying to snuff out their emotions that The A.V. Club called “involving” but “dopey,” Doremus likely feels right at home depicting love and lust in future societies. Perhaps this time around, the population of Future Earth will be divided by hair color, with blond people forced into servitude and brunettes enjoying upper-class lifestyles. Hunnam and Seydoux could fall in love and plan a fair-haired revolution. Since Doremus tends to aim somewhere between broad social critique and cheesy YA novel, we’re probably pretty close to the mark on this one.


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