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Charlie Day eats a bunch of hot wings, tries not to cry

Screenshot: Charlie Day Learns To Love Ridiculously Spicy Wings

The worst part of any celebrity’s press day is when they have to enter the Hot Ones arena. Now in its third season, the show with hot questions and even hotter wings has become a staple for First We Feast, and its host, Sean Evans, has endured a 10-wing gauntlet of increasingly spicier chicken wings each week. In today’s episode, Evans is joined by Charlie Day, who is promoting his new movie Fist Fight in addition to his long-running show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

In the early going, Day underestimates his tolerance for capsaicins, answering questions with seeming ease. He shoots off stories about his Fist Fight co-star Tracy Morgan and picking which movie in the Rocky series is the best. But things slowly take a turn. His eyes begin to water, his face begins to flush, and, in true Charlie Day fashion, his voice gets a little squeakier. Even if Fist Fight doesn’t hold its own, it’s given us this gift, and for that we should be thankful.

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