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Charlie Crist considering forgiving Jim Morrison's penis

Exiting Florida Governor Charlie Crist has announced that he will consider pardoning the late (OR IS HE????? Yes) Jim Morrison for his 1969 charges of indecent exposure, stemming from an incident where Morrison allegedly whipped out his little lizard king at a Doors concert in Miami, just to prove that he was really alive, man. Fans have reportedly “clamored for years” to have the charges cleared, because a drunken, libido-crazed hedonist is hardly the kind of image we want for Jim Morrison. This should fix that. Anyway, it’s not a done deal: Crist merely said “stay tuned” and that he was “willing to look into it” during his last two months in office as governor. He recently lost his bid for the U.S. Senate, which means he essentially has nothing to lose. However, considering those other rumors about Crist and lizards, we wouldn’t get your hopes up on him actually seeing this one through. [The Hill via Gawker]

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