Apparently not understanding that an actor must first experience a drop in popularity before Quentin Tarantino can revive his career, Channing Tatum is reportedly circling a role in Tarantino’s new film The Hateful Eight. Last we checked in with the undoubtedly bloody Western, Jennifer Jason Leigh was the first cast member to have her role officially confirmed, although the person who bets against Samuel L. Jackson being in a Quentin Tarantino movie deserves to lose their money.

Tatum’s got an in—his pal Jonah Hill appeared in Django Unchained—and picturing him delivering snappy Tarantinoesque dialogue while wearing a leather duster and riding a horse just seems so right. We’ll find out for sure once an offer has been made, and not a second before—security on The Hateful Eight is very tight following the messy legal battle following the leak of Tarantino’s original script last year, to the extent that investors are being forced to endure a 20-minute car ride (without traffic) from Santa Monica to Beverly Hills in order to read the script.